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Athena is a patron goddess of IT
  • A patron goddess of knowledge
  • A weaver. Looms were first programmable devices
  • She turned Arachna into a spider, Arachna then built the World Wide Web
  • A militant and a virgin, she has to be the patron of comment sections
  • She invented ships. Shippers, rejoice!
  • A patron of agriculture. What about your Facebook farms?
  • A daughter of Zeus, and PCs work from electricity. Is it a coincidence?
  • She invented the Trojan Horse
If your PC acts strangely, make a sacrifice to Athena


Little Runmo

A funny short film from Gooseworx the genius.

There is also a soundtrack video.


New blog ready

Almost a year ago I scrapped my WordPress and started moving my blog to Pelican, and now it’s finally ready. Blog has been transferred and a new template has been developed, Tumblr inpired, UIkit powered, hand crafted, with dark mode using prefers-color-scheme: dark. Right for the next Christmas.


Minimal Beat


The Sound of Pi

How number π sounds. Prettified of course but it’s still great